Rush to Vertical Peak – Hidden Monsters Con’t – Chapter 8


Photo credit: Anya Sergeeva / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Jill grabbed a dish towel and pressed it into the wolf’s shoulder. She sniffed and wiped at tears as she worked to stop the blood flow.

“Jill, we need to leave here. Other’s will come when this one doesn’t return. We need to call my friend, Saal. He’ll help us,” Tom said. 

“Ok, where’s your phone?” she asked. 

“In my pocket.” 

Jill looked at the wolf’s thick fur and shook her head. “You don’t have pockets. Change back into a human.” 

“I can’t. The hyena tricked me. The rabbit must have been drugged.”  

“You ate a rabbit that mysteriously appeared trapped near our house? Are you crazy? That’s the oldest trick in the book!” Jill said. 

“I was hungry,” Tom whined. 

“Never mind, I hope you know this guy’s number by heart.” Jill punched the number into her phone as he rattled it off. Jill spoke into the phone for a few moments then listened. She explained her father’s current form and his inability to change. “Yeah I said the same thing,” she said, giving her father a scowl. “Ok, just a minute,” she said as she placed her phone near the wolf’s nose and hit the speaker button. 

“Tom? I hear you got yourself into a real mess. I’m at my cabin at Vertical Peak. Can you make it here?” Saal asked. 

“Yes, we can get there in a few days but we might attract attention with me in this form,” Tom said. 

“I understand. Hold on. Jill, stand back.” There was a short pause before the phone began to glow blue. “Ok, Tom, touch the phone.”

Tom touched his nose to the phone and the blue light began to grow and engulf him. It flashed white before it faded. Jill picked up the phone and laughed, “He looks like a Husky! Awesome!” 

“Awesome is you guys getting here as timely as possible, young lady,” Saal said. “I’m sending the address to your phone now.” 

“Yes Sir, thank you,” Jill said before the connection ended. “Can you walk?” she asked her father. 

He drifted slowly to his feet and limped after her as she made her way to the garage. He slumped at the door but she pulled him along, making her way to a small two seater Porche. 

“No, take the Mercedes. It’s designed as a getaway car.” 

Jill shrugged and moved toward the Mercedes CLS four-door coupe. She found a few old blankets and covered the back seat before she helped her father lay down. She grabbed a few more blankets and put them in the trunk, which held pieces of luggage for both of them, dry food, water and sodas. Jill grabbed a Coke and hopped in the front seat behind the wheel with a one month old learner’s permit. She pushed the start button and eased out onto the driveway. 

“Hang on, Daddy. I’ll get us there. Don’t die, ok?” 
“Ok,” he said.


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