Ambush – Hidden Monsters – Chapter 11

Tom moved in and out of consciousness until his system finally purged the last of the poisons.  He blinked his eyes into focus before he realized two things.  The car wasn’t moving and Jill was not in the car.
Tom sat up and noticed bandages on his shoulder and front leg.  A bowl of fresh water and a hamburger sat on the floor of the back seat.  Soon he heard footsteps approaching the vehicle.  His hackles rose and he sunk lower on the seat, poised to strike, fangs ready.  He scented Jill and relaxed when she opened the door.
“Where have you been?”  Tom demanded.
“Nice to see you back to normal.  Are you hungry?” Jill reached for the water and set it on the seat. Tom licked at his dry nose and gulped at the water in earnest. When he finished draining the water bowl, he ate the large hamburger Jill unwrapped for him in two bites. She smiled and pulled another from a bag. He polished off three before he went back to his first question.
“Where were you?”
“Covering the car tracks near the side of the road. I saw it in a movie once and it seemed like a good idea,” Jill said as she reached into the bag and started eating a burger of her own.
“Good thinking. Where are we?” Tom asked.
“I’ve been driving for at least eighteen hours. I stopped a few times for gas and food but you were out of it most of the time.  I took a nap in the car for a few hours but according to the GPS we’re still over a day away.
“No doubt they found the dead hyena by now.  We can’t sit still for long.  I’ll feel safer once we reach Saal,” Tom said.  “Get some sleep.”  He moved to the floor and let Jill stretch out on the back seat.  She looked exhausted and fell asleep fast.  Tom kept vigil during the night, listening for any sounds of attackers.
Jill woke to low rumbling growls issuing from her father’s throat.  She followed his hard gaze to the side window above where she lay and screamed.
If you’ve just started reading this serial, you may not know I am using writer’s prompts from Creative Copy Challenge to create each chapter.  Unfortunately the creator of the challenges is going through some rough times.  
Until the challenges are back on, I’ll write the chapters without prompts.
Please leave well wishes for my friend and his family.  I hope they will get through the tough times soon.

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