Heart’s Betrayer – Chapter 27 – Hidden Monsters

Photo credit: eatmorechips / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Jill and Robbie walked hand in hand through the woods. Jill had no intentions of going back to class with Officer Billy lurking there with his new friend. She’d decided to inform Vrag of his reappearance. He would know what to do. Soon they reached a clearing where an antique oak stood alone towering above the other trees. 

Jill heard the faint sounds of traffic and viewed a busy street beyond the tree line. 

“I’m sure that street connects with my neighborhood. I should go tell my uncle what’s happened,” Jill said. 

“Not yet,” Robbie said. He held on to her hand and twirled her back against the sturdy oak, his arms folding around her waist. Jill felt her mind floating as his lips brushed against hers before he captured her mouth completely. Her heart thumped in a frantic rhythm against her chest and echoed through her ears like a base drum. Tingles flowed from the roots of her hair to her finger tips when he licked his tongue across her lips tasting her cherry cola lip gloss. She gripped his shoulders and held him close, never wanting to lose this feeling. Her heart had no shield against this new sensation and it filled up to the point of bursting. 

A bright light flashed around them like a warm cocoon. It’s energy moved around them until it faded to nothing. Jill still felt Robbie’s arms tight around her. She opened her eyes and gasped. The woods looked strange now, as if the trees themselves had changed. Oddly shaped flowers she had no name for blanketed the ground and a chill blew leaves of spectacularly unusual colors around them. Her world no longer surrounded her but what did caused her floating heart to turn to stone in her throat. Wolves. They formed a wide circle around the couple, snarling and snapping their jaws with hunger. 

Jill looked into Robbie’s eyes and saw the betrayal. 

“You brought me here?” she asked. 

“I’m sorry, I had no choice,” he said. Jill tried to wrench herself free but he held fast. 

“Let go of me!” she screamed. 

“No! Please. I can protect you,” he said. Jill fought him until she broke free from his grasp. Her mind listed and reeled against what her heart felt only seconds ago. They’d shared something special and new but now, her heart felt like a crystal glass shattered to dust. Jill fought at the tears. She couldn’t afford to cry. She backed away from her betrayer and eyed the wolves as they closed the circle around her. A large gray wolf shifted and stood upright. He eyed her with a smile, his muzzle pulled back to show fangs glistening with saliva in anticipation of their prey. He manifested a staff and threw in the circle near her feet. 

“No!” Robbie shouted. “Don’t fight them!” 

Jill threw him a hard look before she scooped up the staff just as the first of the wolves attacked.

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