New Beginnings with the CCC

So I’ve completed my online serial and am pondering what to do next on the CCC.  Here is my reponse to today’s challenge.


Tori stood like a cavitation in a sea of high schoolers facing a soulless group with their sense of Schadenfreude in overdrive.  She walked on as they hurled incendiary remarks and called names.  Her phone buzzed a text but she didn’t check it.  Another attack launched from cyberspace.  The  untrue things they said hurt as if they contained real fire and others believed the lies.

“Tell the teacher.”

“Tell your parents.”

Others offered their solutions but they were mere tyros at stopping bullies who showed no mercy.   They moved through the halls, fascist of their craft, zoning in on her as if pulled by the gravity of the sun.

Tori reached her home and secured herself behind her bedroom door.  Her mother’s request of ‘how was your day’ went unanswered.  Instead Tori checked her FB page and grimaced at the ugliness posted there.  She didn’t understand why the other kids hated her so much.  She slammed the laptop closed and pondered telling her parents before an epiphany brought a smile to her face.  There would be no starting over or wiping the slate clean, no more moving to new schools or new classes to evade the attacks.

This would be better.




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