About Me

My name is Liss Thomas and
I’m a writer of Young Adult Fantasy Novels.
the first book in a growing series. 
Missy has been fighting to live her entire life, but when she finds herself in a realm of unique and sometimes deadly monsters, she learns just how much of a survivor she really is. Accidentally transferred to this mysterious realm by her monster and only friend, Charlie, he finds himself weak and unable to protector her. The only way she can defend herself and him, is to become a monster herself. But an unknown dark stalker watches her progress and if he steals her power, he will unleash a scourge on both his world and the world she left behind.
The novel stemmed from a growing list of short stories I wrote based on a writer’s prompt.  When I completed the first short story I called my sister in tears insisting she read it (it had a sad ending *sniff*  *sob*).  But my sister, the eternal optimist didn’t want to read a sad story so she told me to make a happy ending.
My brain exploded, before returning to the task at hand.  Happy ending, happy ending, happy ending . . . so I continued writing.  The second short story led to a third, then a fourth and well, you get the picture.
About half way through I participated in a Twitter chat about YA novels and asked the tweeted question, ‘Is there a market for a short story series?’  A lovely and talented literary agent, gave me this advice . . . “No, No, NO!  Write a novel!”
So I did.
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